Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pizza night!

I love pizza.

So since I am home alone with the kids for the weekend I decided to make pizza. Not order it, but make it. Hands on with Heidi. Of course you should know by now that I do try to make things easy for myself thus I confess to not making the pizza dough. I bought some ready made wholewheat pizza bases at the bio shop. Easy as pie.

Add mozzarella, avocado, parma ham and I am in pizza heaven.
I will gladly have avocado for breakfast, lunch and dinner... if I could find ones that are perfect. I keep buying avo's only to be disappointed when I cut them open. In fact, I've had a real bad run of avo's lately thus I was elated when I cut open my latest purchase to see the green, smooth, beauty of an avocado.

I had half of it for lunch and saved the rest for my pizza.
Yes, you know me, I have been planning my dinner all day long and by 5pm I switched on the oven. Heidi was my happy helper and together we assembled the pizzas. I simply squirted some Heinz tomato ketchup on the base and then layered everything else on top. 10 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius and the melted delight was ready to eat.

Heidi's pizza was a very basic pizza - tomato ketchup and grated cheese. I saved the buffalo mozzarella for myself (greedy me!). Of course a pizza is not complete in my opinion until I cover it with rocket leaves and a tiny drizzle of good olive oil.

Maybe next time I'll make the pizza dough, maybe not.

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