Friday, 3 June 2011

Pumpkin Penne a la Marjolein

Don't you just love it when you don't have to cook dinner every now and again?
We were invited to dinner by our good friends Haiko and Marjolein.
No worries about getting groceries, or spending most of the afternoon wondering what to make.
All we had to do was show up.

Marjolein made pumpkin penne pasta. She found the recipe in an Albert Heijn cookbook and it was great. It scored well on all fronts -  easy, quick and vegetarian!

I dont have the exact recipe, since I was just a bystander having a chat in the kitchen while she slaved away. So here is a short description - as usual my suggestion is to improvise.

Chop some pumpkin and boil it until tender with a clove of garlic. Once cooked, add to a pan with chopped white onion and fresh rosemary and heat through, mashing it up a bit. Cook the penne until al dente. Mix the pumpkin and penne together and dish up. Serve up with some freshly grated parmesan cheese and a green salad.

Thanks again Marjolein - it was delicious!

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