Thursday, 9 June 2011

Salad at the V&D

In the Netherlands everyone knows the V&D.
Vroom & Dreesman.

It is a department store filled with lots of pretty things - clothes, toys, luggage, books, etc.

My favourite part of the V&D in Utrecht is their restaurant at the very top of the store. It has a view over the beautiful city centre in which the Dom towers above everything else.

The restaurant is a buffet style with fruit, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, pizza (freshly made on the spot), fish, chicken,stir fries, soup and of course coffee with cakes. It has something for everyone. Plus it is also pretty child friendly and that is a big bonus for me.

We found ourselves near the V&D and decided to have an early dinner. They close at 7pm and if you arrive there at 6pm it is usually quiet (every night except for Thursday night... that is shopping night and then it is crazy busy). Heidi could run around happily and we had time to enjoy our salads - just the way I like it.

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