Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Pretty in Pink

Every little girl wants a pretty room. 
Right now Heidi is at that age where she believes that she is a princess and she just loves butterflies.
Of course she is my little princess and thus I have no choice but to indulge her.

We also finally decided that it is time to move Stella out of our room and into a room of her own. That meant that the guest room had to be transformed into Heidi's new room.

It was a busy DIY weekend and the result is fabulous.
Two very pink rooms for my two little girls.

I even had some retail therapy in Laura Ashley and Ikea... my wallet is feeling decidedly lighter.
Pretty things everywhere. Butterflies and flowers, I am in little girl heaven.

I plan on putting lots of cute wall stickers up tomorrow - lucky, lucky girl!


  1. Nice! looks great, good luck with making it even more pretty!

  2. Thanks Marjolein - Heidi is very happy with the new room :-)


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