Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Steak roll with potatoes

Shock! Horror! Steak roll for dinner!
Yes, occasionally I just cannot resist making something 'non-vegetarian' for me and Heidi.
Of course I made vegetarian burgers for my husband - the man has extreme will power and is sticking to his vegetarian guns.

4 minute steaks
500 gram peeled and quartered potatoes
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
One tomato
One white onion
One container white button mushrooms (1.5 cups or so when sliced)
Pumpkin seed bread rolls
1 tablespoon vegetable margarine
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar

Switch on the oven to about 200 degrees Celsius.
Toss the potatoes in a tablespoon of oil and season, then add to the oven to roast for about 30 - 40 minutes. (I always try to make sure that the potato pieces are about the same size and not too big, that way they cook evenly and quicker)
Add the sliced mushrooms to a pan with some seasoning and a dash of white wine vinegar. Saute for 10 minutes or until the mushrooms are ready.
Slice the onion into quite thick slices so that it can be grilled easily.
Heat up the griddle pan and grill the onions until slightly softened.
Now add the minute steaks to the griddle pan and grill for a couple of minutes each side (or less depending on how you like your meat! )
Slice the bread rolls in half and spread a little margarine on each side. Then place on the the griddle pan margarine side facing down. Grill for a minute.
Slice the tomato in thick slices.
Place the rolls on a plate and dress with all the ingredients - tomato, onion, minute steak and mushrooms.
Dish the potatoes onto the place and lastly cut some chives over the mushrooms.
Add any seasoning and sauces you like and enjoy!


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