Monday, 29 July 2013

Home Made Bread (from a packet)

I'v been shopping around, looking for bargains. You know, different grocery stores have different things. Lately I find myself switching between the Lidl and Jumbo. Both of them are reasonably priced and that is pretty important.

I found a packet in the Lidl for home made bread - just a small packet to which I had to add water and milk and I can't remember but maybe there was an egg too... very basic and very cheap. I bought it and tried it out. The instructions were cryptic. They didn't even tell me how long to bake the bread. So, yes, it was guesswork.

But in the end I baked the bread and we ate it all.
The kids are very big fans of white bread. Maybe that's because I never buy it?
I'm not sure if I would do this again though.
Baking bread takes some effort - kneading and proving and patience.
I think for now I'll stick to buying my bread!

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