Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Vegetable Potstickers

I set myself a challenge to use up the stuff in my fridge, freezer and cupboard.
This is hard because if you know me then you know how I love to go to the supermarket to buy groceries. I admit that I like buying interesting things... except I tend to forget that I have them.

So this is the result of my challenge.
I had tofu and a lot of cabbage in the fridge.
I had gyoza skins and peas in the freezer.
I had all kinds of sauces which could be used for a dip.
Potstickers here we come!

Of course it turned out to be a bit of effort to make these little treats. - don't underestimate the work involved in sealing and 'folding' the wrappers. It was my first attempt at making these dumplings and it took the better part of an hour. Then again I had two kids screaming and running around driving me slightly crazy. In the end I gave Heidi a few wrappers and she made her own ham stuffed pot stickers, which when cooked she also ate - bonus!

The potstickers turned out to be very tasty - my stuffing included two types of cabbage, onion, a radish from my garden, garlic, peas and tofu. I served it with steamed rice, soya sauce and sweet chili sauce. Very vegetarian and very good. Well worth trying!

I found inspiration for the potstickers on Smitten Kitchen and The First Mess and adapted it liberally to suit my larder.

In short, here is what I did:
Buy the gyoza skins - let them defrost if frozen.
Chop up your vegetables and tofu - very finely.
Stir fry them for a few minutes until tender but with the colours still vibrant - adding the seasoning as per your personal preference (Besides salt and pepper I added a dash of ketjap manis to the tofu for a bit of flavour).
Set the stuffing aside and drain any excess fluid.
Now start the process of stuffing and folding the wrappers (gyoza skins or whatever you are using).
A teaspoon or two should be enough per wrapper since you don't want it too full.
Place the stuffing in the middle of the wrapper then dip your finger in a bowl of water and draw an outline on the wrapper. Fold to seal and slowly make little folds in the wrapper - this is tricky but any shape will do!
Set the potstickers on a baking sheet to rest for a few minutes.
Now heat a little bit of oil in a big skillet and place the potstickers in there one by one - fitting in as many as possible. Let is cook for a minute and then add boiling water to cover two thirds of the dumplings.
Cover with a lid and cook for about 5 minutes, until all water is gone.
The dumplings will become quite translucent when ready.

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