Sunday, 31 July 2011


I will not let this bad weather stop my fun.

We have a Weber and it had to be used today.

A lunch time barbecue on a Sunday. Yes? Yes!

My husband piled the charcoal into the Weber and before you know it I could smell that barbecue smoky aroma.

I made pap (a very South African traditional porridge served with a tomato based sauce), a salad, braai broodjies (yet another traditional barbecue staple a.k.a. tosti's but made on the Weber) and in less than an hour we had meat on the grill.

I cut open an avocado which turned out to be perfect and as I sliced the juicy red tomatoes I felt gloriously happy.

Summer might be hiding from us but at least it didn't rain while we barbecued!

Here is a Braai broodjies recipe :)

White or Brown Bread - 2 slices per tosti
Sliced Tomatoes
Sliced Onion
Cheese (sliced cheese is more convenient but any cheese that melts easily will do!)
Kitchen string or toothpicks

Spread the margarine on both sides of the sliced bread.
Layer some cheese, onion and tomatoes on the bread.
Feel free to add some sauces too like mayo or chutney.
Place another slice of bread on top and tie together with some kitchen string (to ensure it doesn't fall apart when flipping over on the grill). If, like me, you can't find your kitchen string then just use some toothpicks to hold them together... not ideal but it works.
Finally, place the braai broodjies last on the barbecue, when the coal has cooled down a bit but is still hot enough to give the bread a nice golden colour. Remove when the cheese has melted and before it becomes too brown.


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