Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ikea madness

I am feeling a little depressed today. Missing my family who lives too far away.
Unfortunately I have this bad habit of eating junk when my state of mind is not so good.

Today was no exception... bad Elma, bad bad bad.

We went to Ikea and ended up having dinner there.
I even had dessert, that is how bad I was. A slice of daim cake and it was glorious.
In fact, we had more desserts on our trays than food.
Swedish meatballs, fries and lots of sweet stuff.
You guessed it -  I left Ikea feeling stuffed and guilty.
In fact, it was the second time this week that I went to Ikea. I kid you not.

Besides the easy to assemble furniture and cheap dinner, they have a kids play area.
Let me rephrase:  they have a FREE kids play area where they look after your child for one hour. Heidi loves it there and it gives us a chance to shop in peace.

I've had my fill of Ikea for a while though...

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