Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lovely Rosita

Have you ever heard of a country called Suriname?

Before moving to the Netherlands I didn't know it existed, nor that it was located in South America. (Would you have guessed that?)

We have a lovely little Suriname take away / sit down restaurant around the corned from us called Rosita. It has 4 tables but most people tend to get take aways rather than sit down. That was our intention too, but it started raining and we thought we might as well sit and enjoy the colourful ambiance.

They have all kinds of interesting dishes on the menu and lots of vegetarian options too. We ordered "roti" dishes and it was a lot of food. I had a roast chicken roti which was served with spicy potatoes and green vegetables. It was excellent. Really rustic and hearty food.

Stella happily chewed away on a piece of roti and Heidi had some chicken sate (her favourite these days). My dad would love this place and I can't wait for him to come visit.

Rosita you've definitely won me over.

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