Saturday, 16 July 2011

Restaurant Vandaag

Continuing with the theme of not eating at home... we went to Restaurant Vandaag. It is in a building called the Food Spot which is visible as you drive on the A2 towards Utrecht. (I think you take Exit 6 but I am not sure and I am too lazy to look it up right now, either way you need a car to get to this restaurant)

It is actually one of our favourite places to eat. Not just because it is all you can eat buffet style (yes, I am a glutton and proud of it) but also because it has a great play area for kids with a babysitter.

Heidi loves it there - they have a special food section for kids and the play area makes it a winner.

The concept is that you pay your bill when you walk into the restaurant and all food and non alcoholic drinks are included in that price. You can either pay for two or three hours of eating pleasure. If you want alcohol you buy that additionally by paying an amount of your choice which is put on a swipe card. Any unused credit is returned when you leave the restaurant.

The quality of the food is really good and they have something for everyone. My favourite though is the dessert area. They have the most fabulous desserts. Little cakes made up beautifully, delicious creme brulee, crepes with caramel sauce, and more.

Unfortunately the restaurant seems to have been discovered by the masses and it is very busy there these days. The best thing is to book a table, but we never do. We always show up and they always have a spot for the four of us. I warn you though, do not go there on a weekend. It is just too busy with large groups of people celebrating birthdays and what not.

I know a buffet style restaurant isn't for everyone. But as long as I enjoy the food and my children are happy then I say hurray for Restaurant Vandaag!

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