Monday, 11 July 2011

Pancakes at Boerderij Groenestijn

What could be better on a Sunday than having pancakes :-)
In Heidi's world that is probably the best lunch in the world.
In my world... not so much.

I am more a fan of the crepe variety of pancakes but in the Netherlands they have a long tradition of big heavy pancakes with sweet or savoury ingredients thrown in the mix.

We stopped at a pancake restaurant on the way to de Bilt called Boerderij Groenestijn.
It has a little play area for kids and a jumping castle. We sat outside and enjoyed the sun... so did the flies.

There were lots and lots of flies. I guess that is to be expected on a farm with horse stables nearby. As you can tell I am not really a big fan of flies and a large portion of my time was spent swatting at them while my husband just sat and laughed at me. He is of the opinion that you should just let them be... and he is probably right.

The pancakes were really good, despite the flies tormenting me, and most importantly Heidi had her pancakes with some outdoor fun in the mix.

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