Friday, 29 July 2011

DWZI - zomer, echt?

Deze week zag ik... this week I saw.
(inspired by DezeWeekZagIk on the blogs by Daan en Roos)

I was totally absorbed in my mosaics that I didn't really pay as much attention to food as I usually do. I did however notice the fact that we are in the middle of summer and yet it feels like autumn.

Niet echt zomers. Helaas pindakaas.

In order to conjure up that summer feeling I bought strawberries and a Flow vakantieboek.

The strawberries were ripe and sweet and utterly delicious.

The flow magazine was colourful and full of fun ideas. It provided a distraction from the weather all week long. If only a temporary distraction.

Here's hoping for some sunshine this weekend (one can but dream...).


  1. Leuk dat je nu mee doet aan Deze week zag ik! Leuk idee van de aardbeien! x

  2. Ja, finally I decided to participate! We must still chat about tomorrow... what to do, where to go?

  3. Welkom bij DWZI, ik heb je even aangekondigd op mijn blog en daar ook op de linklijst gezet:
    Strawberries & Flow: excellent combo!

  4. Toch nog een beetje zomer......!

  5. Ja, aardbeien geeft me altijd een zomers gevoel :) but today really felt like autumn!


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